Profitability through performance

The mining sector has large expenses and large income. It also has a large workforce that requires management. As with any business, profitability is central to business success. Keeping staff members and mining vehicles in check is vital in keeping the company profitable.

Historically, certain parts have been trackable, but making sense of the data has been difficult due to complexity and the number of factors involved.

The challenge

Advanced Vehicle Analytics (AVA) has a lot of experience in the open cast mining industry but required assistance in simplifying the vast amount of data that was available. There was also data that had to be extracted using new technological advancements such as tracking of mining equipment (fuel usage, engine performance) and mining processes such as maintenance and refuelling. 

This had to be managed with minimum impact on the current processes, so that current output is unaffected by the intelligence collected. 

Planning and solutioning

AVA approached Effectify for business analysis, UX and IU requirements to fulfil this need. Effectify worked with AVA in understanding the technical requirements and extracting the vital valuable information from the data.

Simplifying the data had to be done in a visual way that could be easily interpreted and understood.

Within the diagnostics phase, the following were deemed critical:

  • Time is of the essence – real-time tracking of vehicles will be required
  • Alerts need to be sent in the form of SMSs and emails per mine if certain KPIs and output levels are not achieved.
  • A visual replay of mining activity
  • Issue tracking – the exploration of existing data so that mining managers can determine where things went wrong
  •   Data displaying on maps of the mine so that all activity can be tracked and viewed on dashboards 

The design process

The scope of work was limited to a diagnostic phase, user experience and user interfaces. This included wireframes and high fidelity mockups.

The diagnostics phase included requirement gathering, gaining domain knowledge and understanding strategic goals of the software, user role analysis and user process flows

As a deliverable, a blueprint was provided to the client with details such as:

  • Personas – the different users that will be using the software and what their goals will be.
  • User stories – stories that explained how users will need to achieve their goals
  • Wireframes and high fidelity mockups
  • Visual elements and controls – icons, fonts, colours and CSS

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans ​

Effectify delivered a document with detailed findings, user personas, process flows, high fidelity mockups, icon sets and other web elements that will assist the software development partners to build the application. 

As of 2020, the solution is fully functioning and AVA has clients based in South Africa, Australia and other parts of the world. 

The solution is growing with more analytics becoming important and being visually displayed. The company is also expanding in the Internet of Things (IoT) to display a holistic view of their clients’ mining activity.


The blueprint assisted the developers with the scope of work, visual style and processes that needed to be in place to make this project a success.

By simplifying large amounts of data, the solution was built in a way that is easily navigable, understandable, yet informative and rich in data.


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